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Terms & Conditions


By placing an order, either over the phone, via email or in person. It constitutes a legally binding contract and as such any costs incurred before a cancellation is made by the customer, will be paid for by the customer, or will be deducted from any refund due from any deposits/payments paid when making the original order.

Payment is required on confirmation of all orders unless otherwise agreed.

Where no deposit or payment has been made up front, an invoice will be sent to the customer to the amount of the costs incurred to include time taken for any work/artwork carried out for that order, either over the phone, via email or in person if the job is cancelled.

Prices are based on artwork being provided in a print ready format. Any artwork required will be charged on all work where time taken is more than 30 minutes at a rate of £15 per 30 minutes. Minimum charge will be 1 hour (£30.00) when going over 30 minutes. Unless otherwise agreed.

We reserve the right to charge a 10% admin charge for time spent chasing overdue invoices.

Vehicle signage – when vehicles are brought in for fitting of graphics, they should be in a clean condition ready for fitting. Any preparation work will be charged extra – Minimum £10.00.

If an appointment for fitting of graphics is made, there will be a £50.00 charge invoiced to cover lost time, unless a minimum of 48 hours notice is given that you cannot make the appointment.

All prices are quoted assuming no extra work will be required to complete the job. Any extra work required when fitting, removing and refitting signs will be charged extra. This would be agreed before any work is carried out.

Delivery if required is from £4.25 and charged at cost unless otherwise stated.

Please ensure that proofs are checked correctly.

Any alterations/corrections that are required must be notified in writing.

If no proof is requested or if any proof provided is not checked correctly, any reprints will be charged for in full.

Any artwork attached to this e-mail that has been drawn, or had to be redrawn by Envy Print and Signs to be made usable by them, is covered by Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Law and as such may not be used unless express permission has been given by Envy Print and Signs for use by a third party. As such it will remain the property of Envy Print and Signs unless released.

Any logos or designs drawn by Envy Print and Signs may be purchased at prices shown on the premises or that can be had on request via e-mail.

Any artwork charges invoiced with order does not release any permissions to the customer. These are to cover time taken only to draw the artwork in question.

It will be assumed that any artwork provided by the customer, has all of the appropriate permissions for use, Envy Print and Signs , will not be held liable/responsible for damages for any artwork supplied by customers.

All goods remain the property of Envy Print and Signs until paid for in full.

When placing an order with Envy Print and Signs . It will be assumed that the customer has read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.

VAT is chargeable at current rates where applicable on all orders.

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